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Nuberry is an Australian based baby and kids lifestyle brand which offers clothing, toys and accessories with a focus on function, safety and quality. Nuberry store is a lifestyle destination for modern parent and child.

Designed for Kids
Engineered for Parents

We want to inspire and help moms & dads to explore an active and healthy lifestyle parenting, everyday.
There is nothing more magical than a parenting. Incredibly precious, but it is always challenging. Our story begins with a dream to help parents in this challenging lifestyle.


To be the world #1 brand and destination in kids fashion and lifestyle products for urban modern parents.

Always deliver better product, service, experience & innovation at value price than competitor.

Led by its core principles of protect and inspire, we believe in growing our brand in a sustainable way, while ensuring our long-term commercial viability.We do this by focusing on three things: our people, customer and the environment.
Nuberry brands and products are available online, exclusive brick & mortar stores and departmental stores.
"Nuberry Store is driven
by a unique combination
of customer experience & technology"
We understand our customers, what inspires them and what Interests them. We reach them by producing great products and we know how to make our products matter to them.

This up raise us from being a shop to being a fashion destination and the customer's experience of our content turns a simple sale into a loyal customer, who returns to us more frequently.
We make sure we are in the forefront of our customers’ minds.